Jurassic Park Slot Review
[ 15-08-2020 ]

Jurassic Park Slot Review

I enjoy the majority of Virtual Tech "243 ways to win" slot machines a great deal. I first experienced this type of game with "Thunderstruck II", a game I wasted no time getting to know because I absolutely adored the first Thunderstruck game. Follow ups such as Immortal Romance, The Finer Reels of Life and Playboy were all excellent games although I think it is fair to say that they really did not add a great deal in terms of originality and new features. With a huge license like Jurassic Park though I had high hopes that Virtual Tech would take the time to come up with some new ideas, and this time around I'm pleased to say I was not disappointed! Find out more at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots.

Jurassic Park would have been an instant let down if it did not feature fantastic graphics and sound, and I have no doubt that Virtual Tech recognized this fact and spent a great deal of time making sure these basic elements of the game were just right. The high graphical quality does require a reasonably well powered computer in order to render this slot at a decent speed, most modern computers should be okay although my girlfriends three year old laptop was obviously struggling a little when I played this game.

Clearly though, just like presentation alone cannot equal a great video game, a slot machine requires much more than a sweet theme in order to succeed and Jurassic Park certainly does not lack substance. There are five seperate free spin modes named after dinasours such as the T Rex, Velociraptor, and Dilophosaurus. The bonus mode works slightly different to the other 243 ways games - instead of unlocking subsequent feature modes after every five bonus rounds, a random feature is chosen for you when you first begin playing the game but after you enter the bonus round for the 25th time you are finally able to choose your favourite from the five available options.

The game includes one of my all time faovurite slot mechanics - stacked wilds! but there is a further twist in the "T-Rex Alert Mode" which enables randomly and adds seven extra wild symbols to each of the reels. Alert mode stays active for six spins giving a much greater chance to win on multiple pay ways simultaneously.
I would have liked to see a little more originality in the features still - the T-Rex and Triceratops bonuses have comparable modes in Playboy, and Brachiosaurus is just the same as the bats or ravens in Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck 2, but at least the remaining two bonus modes are fresh and new.

The payouts for five of a kind wins are really quite low even for a 243 ways game, but this is no doubt a result of the stacked wilds, as Girls With Guns - Jungle Heat has a similar paytable and also features stacked wilds. Nevertheless it can still be a little disappointing watching "Five of a Kind!" flash up on screen before realising you have only won around 10x your stake.

These are really very minor issues though and Jurassic Park is undoubtedly the best 243 ways game Virtual Tech have created for quite a while now - I'm only surprised we have yet to see a bunch of clones of this game!

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